Our Technology

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Every BitCloud customer server is allocated its own disk space, its own guaranteed CPU allocation, and its own guaranteed RAM allocation. Our resource allocations are guaranteed to be available to you whenever you need them. They are not hypothetical allocations or a burst limit commonly quoted by VPS and cloud providers. Your server performance is guaranteed to not be affected by other users in the cloud.

BitCloud uses best of breed processing components, typically Intel Xeon X5670 hex-core CPUs spread across multiple blade servers, housed across multiple blade enclosures. All our storage is based on enterprise grade SAN farms using high speed 15KRPM SAS drives for primary storage, and high capacity SATA drives for our Tier 2 storage. All primary storage is replicated to an off-site replication SAN for Disaster Recovery. We also keep multiple points in time snapshots of all servers.

Our internet connectivity is through at least 3 separate providers, handled by our highly advanced grid of fully redundant Cisco Routers. We have separate internal networks for our iscsi data, internal data traffic and external data, with highly customised firewall and security settings to protect our customers from both external and internal attacks.

High Availability Cloud

BitCloud uses fully redundant hardware at every level combined with multiple availability zones and multiple regions to provide a completely redundant cloud infrastructure. Each availability zone is completely separate and independent from the other with its own infrastructure, set of switches, servers and SANs. For ultimate protection, we also offer access to resources in a geographically separated region. The resources at this separate region (Melbourne) operate completely independently of the primary (Sydney) region and no single event can impact both regions.


Virtualisation, blade server technology and complex SAN systems have brought a lot of extra power, flexibility and redundancy to computing systems, but they also bring a whole new world of security issues. New ways for people to attack systems, to intercept data and to launch DOS and spam attacks against others.

At BitCloud we started the whole process of putting together our systems with security as the primary focus. It was in fact the biggest cause of delays throughout the development process, we simply did not move past the development stage until we were completely happy with the security aspects involved.

Uptime and Performance guarantees

We are confident in our systems and will back our promises with real guarantees.

We expect to exceed our SLA of every month in terms of network and server uptime. We also guarantee that the resources you have paid for, i.e. memory, disk, CPU and bandwidth will always be available to you.

If we fail to meet these promises, customers will be entitled to a credit of up to 200% of of their regular monthly fees, depending on your SLA level

Australian Technology

We are also very proud of the fact that all the development of our cloud was carried out by our Sydney staff, all our hardware is housed in Australian datacentres and all the customer support is provided by staff from our Sydney callcentre.

Energy Efficient Infrastructure

BitCloud is committed to minimising its energy wastage using only the best of the breed, high density servers infrastructure. BitCloud employs virtualisation technology to reduce the number of servers/nodes required. At BitCloud the processing load is spread across a high number of servers, and the servers that are not needed are powered down. This is done automatically by our system, as computing power decreases, workloads are migrated between servers, and any unused servers are automatically powered down. Once the load increases, the servers are brought on-line again.