Desktop as a Service

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Desktop as a Service

Stop wasting money on continuously upgrading and maintaining your PCs and take advantage of the flexibility and scalability of the cloud by running all your desktops remotely.

Your staff will be able to access their desktop from anywhere in the world (depending on the security settings you chose). Enable and disable applications as needed, on a monthly basis. Let us manage all the hardware and all the security, backups, monitoring and software installations and updates.

BitCloud can provide custom server environments with full control of what applications each user has access to and tightly and securely integrate the remote desktops into your existing business network.

Scale from 5 to 500 desktops in a matter of minutes if needed, with almost instant access to the full suite of Microsoft office, database, productivity and management software.

For further information on BitCloud’s Virtual Desktop environment, please contact our sales team on 1300 932 248 or via our contact form.