Our Managed Services Make Private Cloud a Clear Business Choice

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Our Managed Services Make Private Cloud a Clear Business Choice

Our Take on Private Cloud

Our cloud infrastructure is one of the most advanced, flexible and secure public clouds in Australia. BitCloud’s Private Cloud allows you to take a slice of our advanced cloud infrastructure.

You are in control and empowered to create complex and secure networks using highly advanced virtual switches and firewalls. You can then focus your time on your business; we can manage the rest for you around the clock, always.

Benefits of the BitCloud Private Cloud:

  • Dedicated virtual firewall appliance with full NAT functionality
  • Load balancing to multiple internal virtual machines
  • VMs can have both private and public IPs
  • VMs can be a mixture of Linux and Windows operating systems
  • Can consist of 2 to 100 virtual servers
  • Can be joined to an existing office network through VPN configuration

All you need is a little time. No Contracts.

 Build Your Own Private Cloud Today

For more details, send us your enquiry or contact our sales team on 1300 932 248.

Build a standalone private cloud

  • Store your data and connect to it through direct internet connections or a secure VPN
  • Assign internal and/or external access to your virtual servers
  • Configure, add or remove servers on-demand instantly accessing our vast storage and computing capacity

Extend your Office Network into the Cloud

  • Link your private cloud to your office network through a secure VPN and instantly add flexibility and unlimited capacity
  • Allocate servers and services to your existing infrastructure or to the cloud, with minimal changes to security settings
  • Make the most of our cloud infrastructure for on-demand capacity, redundancy, backups, testing and high speed connectivity

A Solid Plan for Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

  • You can run your own replication or backup systems from machines inside the private cloud
  • Address business continuity by replicating your existing server images onto our cloud storage server and in the event of a disaster, you can simply start up these images in your pre-configured private cloud and have all your primary services back up in minutes
  • Pay for storage and then only pay for cloud computing resources if and when needed