Energy Efficient Infrastructure

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Energy Efficient Infrastructure

As the computing power needed to run today’s business systems continues to increase at a rapid rate, so does the amount of electricity being used. Once a server is deployed, the amount of power it uses stays fairly even, regardless of what the server is doing, i.e. even in the middle of the day under the heaviest workload, the amount of power used is only a small percentage more then in the middle of the night when the server is hardly used at all.

At BitCloud, the processing load is spread across a high number of servers, and whilst we also can’t significantly reduce the power each one uses, we can power down servers that are not needed. This is done automatically by our system, as computing power decreases, workloads are migrated between servers, and any unused servers are automatically powered down. Once load increases, the servers are brought on-line again.

Add to this that using virtualisation technology to run multiple server instances on one hardware node already reduced power consumption by up to 70%, and we end up with a very significant environmental benefit to having your servers run on BitCloud infrastructure.

BitCloud Energy efficiency summary

  • Use virtualisation technology to reduce the number of servers/nodes needed
  • Power down unused nodes during off-peak periods
  • Use best of breed, high density servers infrastructure to minimise energy wastage
  • Use energy efficient disks and storage systems where possible