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cPanel Hosting

Leverage the benefits of cloud computing for your business’ website or web application. A fault-free, consistent, reliable service does not happen by accident. Many complex systems contribute to the continued uptime of your site, protecting it from the numerous sources of ill-intent that exist in today’s Internet community. Traditional hosting solutions have been based on pre-packaged systems with a pre-defined set of resources and limited ability to change from the default.

The BitCloud Australian managed hosting solutions combine our dynamic, flexible and fully redundant cloud computing infrastructure with enterprise level software specifically designed for high power, high reliability web hosting.

BitCloud cPanel Cloud Server

Customers that need to host multiple web sites, but don’t want to get involved with the day to day maintenance of the appropriate servers can take advantage of the BitCloud cPanel Cloud Servers. They are fully managed servers, we take full responsibility for all the components required to run the server, all you need to do is manage your web site content.

We have now integrated Host1 into our BitCloud cloud hosting offers, as such these servers run Litespeed, the world’s fastest enterprise grade web server software. They also come pre-installed with cPanel, the very versatile and powerful control panel for web servers.

This product is not a “managed VPS”, it’s less and it’s more. The primary limitation is that you do not get root access to the server. If you need specific 3rd party software installed, we do it for you, as long as we don’t consider it a significant security or stability risk. The upside is that we guarantee to keep your server running and secure. We also guarantee to keep your primary applications (http, ftp, email, MySQL, php) running, patched, updated and configured to your needs.

Server Specifications
  Cloud10 Cloud200
web sites 10 200
web server Litespeed Litespeed
database MySQL MySQL
CPU 2,800 to
22,000 MHz
5,600 to
22,000 MHz
RAM 1 to 24 GB 2 to 24 GB
Disk Storage 50 to 200 GB 50 to 200 GB
Traffic – Inbound $1.50/GB* $1.50/GB*
Traffic – Outbound Unlimited Unlimited
Price From $295/month* From $541/month*
  Cloud10 Cloud200
24/7 Australian phone support included included
Stored on Enterprise grade SAN included included
Daily local backups included included
Advanced spam/virus protection included included
Detailed Site Statistics included included
Uptime SLA included included

* All prices exclude GST

Litespeed WebServer

Litespeed is enterprise grade web server software, specifically created for high performance hosting environments. It is regularly rated as the fastest web server software in the world. It uses much less RAM than Apache and scales very well for high capacity web sites. Litespeed is also fully compatible with Apache, which means your Perl, PHP and MySQL scripts will function with no modification required.


The web servers and your web site data are stored on our SAN farm which is continuously replicated to a physically separated replication server, with 6 hourly snapshots. We also keep daily and weekly backups of your web site content on separate servers.


BitCloud owns and runs all our own network and equipment. Our cloud server infrastructure is Global Switch, Australia’s premier datacentre, providing you with the highest possible level of security, redundancy and reliability.


BitCloud is part of the Bucan Holdings group, which includes AR Internet, an ISP that has been running since 1994 and Host1, offering high performance hosting since 1995.