Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

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Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

Cloud services allow the creation of very comprehensive Disaster Recovery Plans at a fraction of the cost otherwise required. Due to the On-Demand features of a cloud computing environment, businesses have the ability to continuously replicate some or all of their IT systems into the cloud but only fire up, and therefore only pay, for the computing capacity if and when it is actually required.

Replicate your data and IT systems into the cloud and protect yourself from:

  • Fires, floods or earthquakes
  • Disgruntled staff sabotaging your systems
  • Direct or indirect damage from burglary
  • Server meltdowns due to A/C failure
  • Prolonged loss of internet connectivity to your office

Business Continuity Solutions

Data Replication / Off-Site Storage

The simplest way to take advantage of our services in order to minimise impact on your business in case of a catastrophic event is to replicate your important data into our cloud storage environment. This can be replicated live or on a pre-determined schedule, i.e. hourly, daily or weekly. You can also select how many archival copies you want us to keep.

Once setup, the process can be completely automated, no more need for manual tape changes and time consuming handling and storage. In case you need to access the data, it will also be significantly quicker and easier to retrieve than it would be from a tape system.

Data AND System Replication with Stand-By Computing Resources

By replicating your data as well as your server images, you can achieve complete redundancy of your important business operations. In case of disaster at your primary location, you will be able to start up most or your entire IT infrastructure within your own private cloud network. Your staff will be able to continue working from their home or other premises with very minimal interruption to your business.

By using the proprietary BitCloud Private Cloud product, we can replicate your entire office network into your own private cloud so that when you start the virtual machines inside it, they will work straight away, no need to change IPs, hostnames or network drive configurations.

Distributed environment with full replication

In many cases, it makes much more sense to use our cloud services not just for replication of your existing systems, but as a replacement. Our cloud infrastructure is inherently more secure, redundant and efficient than most office environments. You can choose to outsource most of your IT requirements to us. We can provide the storage capacity, computing resources, server licensees and IT support needed to run most of your IT needs.

We can provide a high-speed, low latency internet connection direct from our cloud to your office with unlimited data transfer, allowing your staff to access your servers as if they were in your office. For ultimate redundancy and further peace of mind, we can setup reverse replication of your cloud hosted servers back into your office. This would mean that if we disappear, you still have a copy of all your data and the ability to continue your business as usual.

Components of a cloud based disaster recovery solution


The primary technological component is the virtualisation of your IT systems. Virtualisation has numerous advantages even before looking at DR options, and is now almost universally accepted as the default method of rolling out new IT systems. More than half of all new server installations are now implemented in a virtual environment instead of on a dedicated server.

If your business has already virtualised your critical servers, adding cloud based DR options will be very simple. If you haven’t done so yet, this may be the perfect time, and BitCloud can provide highly experienced virtualisation engineers to guide you through this process.

High-Speed Internet Connection

A high-speed, low latency internet connection is another important factor in a practical DR solution. The more data you have and the higher rate of change you experience on this data, the higher capacity link you will need between your office and the cloud. Replication of your data can be scheduled to be live, hourly, daily or weekly to best meet your requirements and your connection capacity.

BitCloud can organise business grade connectivity to your office that will provide low latency connection with unlimited data capacity. Our parent company has been running a business grade ISP since 1996.

Secure Private Cloud

BitCloud provides individual Cloud Servers as part of our multi-tenant public cloud infrastructure, but to more accurately replicate a distinct office network, it makes much more sense to use our Private Cloud product. This allows the creation of a distinct private network and resource segment that allows you to replicate from your office not just your server instances, but also the network design and access rules.

Your replicated server instances can be started up within your Private Cloud with the same IPs, hostnames and network drives as they have in your office. Our virtual router appliance allows for pre-configured NAT or IP Forwarding rules that will allow you to access your servers via public IPs from anywhere on the internet if you choose to, or via secure VPNs from single or multiple locations.

On-Demand Computing

One of the great benefits unique to a large scale cloud environment is the ability to be able to count on the availability of computing resources whenever you need them, but the flexibility to only pay for them if and when you use them.

You essentially have guaranteed access to whatever cpu, ram and storage capacity you may need. A reservation cost may apply based on your specific requirements making our services a perfect fit for a DR solution.