Application Hosting

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Application Hosting

The BitCloud Application Hosting Platform provides all the tools and systems needed to develop, test, install, run and optimise your applications. We provide a highly flexible and robust cloud environment, specifically geared towards internet-based applications. Just some of the features included are: rapid server deployment, usage-based billing, GUI and API access, multi-tier storage systems, global CDN, and DDOS protection.

BitCloud, through it’s parent company, has been providing hosting services to since 1995. The BitCloud platform, developed in 2009, is dedicated to cloud-based solutions combining dynamic compute, storage and networking infrastructure through a high availability system with multiple zones across multiple geographic regions within Australia.

The Application Hosting Platform is designed for both Linux and Windows based systems and allows easy integration of fully DIY components with fully managed components such as SQL and Email server clusters. Our team of engineers have vast experience with numerous complex solutions, we can provide expert advice or management services to enhance and extend your application environment.

Rapid Deployment

Deploy new servers from default templates or customised templates, select the network settings, start using them in under 15 minutes.

Optimised Application Environments

We have separate, pre-designed solutions optimised to run Java, Ruby on Rails, Magento, Joomla or Sharepoint. Use our templates or talk to us for a fully customised solution for your exact needs.

Usage-Based Billing

Providing a true cloud solution, our consumption-based charging model allows maximum flexibility.

Interactive GUI & API

Deploy and manage cloud resources using our custom-built management interface or through our API.

Multi-tier storage

BitCloud provides 4 tiers of storage, ranging from ultra cheap object storage with S3 and OpenStack compatible interfaces through to high IO Enterprise SAN storage and the ultra high IO locally attached SSD.

Content Delivery Network

Our cloud is fully integrated with the global CloudFlare CDN solution including local RailGun instances.

DDOS Protection

Our national network utilises 6 separate providers with large amounts of excess capacity, and in addition we also utilise commercial DDOS protection services using local and overseas based scrubbing centres.

Multi-Zone & Multi-Region

One of the few cloud providers in Australia to provide cloud resources across multiple zones and multiple geographically separated regions.

Managed Solutions

Combine our DIY cloud with fully managed solutions such as MySQL and MS SQL clusters with load balancing, replication and failover, all managed for you.

Experts on tap

As well as providing a large range of resources and tools, we also provide full management services to plug any holes you may have in your abilities. Make use of our inhouse experts whenever you need, 24/7.