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Energy Efficient Infrastructure

As the computing power needed to run today’s business systems continues to increase at a rapid rate, so does the amount of electricity being used. Once a server is deployed, the amount of power it uses stays fairly even, regardless of what the server is doing, i.e. even in the middle of the day under…
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BitCloud Security Overview

The BitCloud system was designed from the beginning with a focus on security. This security focus continues today and in fact limits to some degree the list of products and features we offer. We continue to put security ahead of functionality. Virtualisation Security Unlike commodity cloud providers, BitCloud uses VMware Enterprise virtualisation to power our…
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High Availability

BitCloud uses fully redundant hardware at every level combined with multiple availability zones and multiple regions to provide fully redundant cloud infrastructure. The hardware, software and local networking components of our cloud environment already have full redundancy all the way through. We use multiple routers and switches, connecting our vast array of servers to each other and…
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Features of our Solutions

High Availability BitCloud uses fully redundant hardware at every level combined with multiple availability zones and multiple regions to provide a completely redundant cloud infrastructure. Each availability zone is completely separate and independent from the other with its own infrastructure, set of switches, servers and SANs. For ultimate protection, we also offer access to resources…
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Managed IT Services

Changes in technology and software licensing methods in the last few years have resulted in a flood of organisations moving to outsourced, pay by the month IT. Organisations can now gain significant cashflow benefits from paying for software, hardware and consulting services on a monthly basis, also reducing wastage by procuring capacity as needed, instead…
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Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

Cloud services allow the creation of very comprehensive Disaster Recovery Plans at a fraction of the cost otherwise required. Due to the On-Demand features of a cloud computing environment, businesses have the ability to continuously replicate some or all of their IT systems into the cloud but only fire up, and therefore only pay, for…
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cPanel Hosting

Leverage the benefits of cloud computing for your business’ website or web application. A fault-free, consistent, reliable service does not happen by accident. Many complex systems contribute to the continued uptime of your site, protecting it from the numerous sources of ill-intent that exist in today’s Internet community. Traditional hosting solutions have been based on…
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Hosted MS SQL Server 2008

Pay monthly, a single, flat fee. No long term contracts. Enjoy all the features of MS SQL Server 2008 Workgroup Leave the server administration and maintenance to us, we guarantee to keep it running to our stringent SLA standards Your SQL software will run on your own virtual dedicated Windows 2008 Enterprise server inside…
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